Energy TAC Teleconferenced Meeting

January 17, 2012


Objectives:  Review and provide recommendations to the Florida Building Commission on submittal for approval of energy code compliance software for the 2010 Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.


Voting members present:  Brent Caldwell, Bob Cochell, Philip Fairey, Dale Greiner, Larry :Maxwell, Roger Sanders, Drew Smith, David Wojcieszak.

DBPR staff present:  Mo Madani, Ann Stanton, Joe Bigelow, Rick Dixon, Ila Jones, Leslie Anderson-Adams


The meeting was opened by Chairman Dale Greiner at 2:10 pm once a quorum had been achieved. On a seconded motion from Fairey, the agenda was approved.

Madani summarized the events leading to the process of Commission approval for Energy Code software, the development of the Energy Simulation Tool, Technical Assistance Manual, and the main provisions of the Manual for software used to demonstrate Code compliance for commercial and high-rise residential buildings.

Dr. Muthusamy Swami of the Florida Solar Energy Center presented the submittal of their EnergyGauge Summit 4.00 software for commercial buildings. He first summarized the materials provided in the submittal and then described the software and testing of the program to ASHRAE 140 and the guidelines of COMNET as found in their submittal report: “ASHRAE Standard 140-2007 Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs: Test Results for the DOE-2.1E (v120) incorporated in EnergyGauge Summit 4.0”.  He described the treatment of the Standard Reference Design building from Appendix B of the Energy Code, given that there is, as yet, no auto-generation program available to check for the SRD. He described the program’s levels of error checking, the climate data used, cost of utilities/24 hour time of use rates, help menus, input and output deck criteria, Form 506 format and printout, User Manual, program support capability and myriad other issues included in the Technical Assistance Manual. He then opened the presentation up for questions.

Maxwell:  DOE 2.1E is an old engine. Why not use the latest modeling software? Have to re-input data.

Swami: Should be able to go from model to model. We are in the process of developing new software using Energy Plus; it is ¾ of the way there for the user interface.


Caldwell:  What are you using for time-of-use rates?

Swami: The user has to enter them for 24 hour periods over a season.


Three other questions were asked about FSEC’s residential software, which has not yet been submitted for approval.


Madani:  Procedurally, Dr. Swami has submitted documentation for EnergyGauge Summit 4.00. Staff has reviewed the submitted material and used the program. To the best of our knowledge, the software is in compliance with the 2010 Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.


Greiner:  Having heard the documentation for this submittal, do I hear a motion?

Sanders:  Move accept the EnergyGauge Summit 4.0 software for demonstration of Code compliance (for commercial and high-rise residential); seconded by Maxwell. No discussion. Ayes: 8, Nays: 0. The motion passed unanimously. 

Greiner:  Will report this recommendation to the Florida Building Commission for action.


 Greiner:  Do I hear a motion to adjourn? So moved, seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.